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Retainer Program

Our Retainer Program is the capstone of our service offerings.  It provides the expertise of senior-certified human resource professionals at the tip of your fingertips!  Call or email for unlimited answers to every kind of human resource question, have us build you a new and fully updated employee handbook, learn what to do with a compliance audit, save tons of time with sample templates and forms and much more with our affordable retainer services.  The value of this program is amazing and is sure to provide the HR services you need for a price you can afford.

Included Services

Unlimited Q&A

Unlimited questions/answers (phone and/or email) related to your HR concerns (ex.: employee relations, wage & hour, labor & employment compliance requirements​, and other miscellaneous HR topics)

HR Compliance Check-Up

HR compliance audit focusing on employee documents / files, performance management, regulatory requirements, workplace safety, payroll, and other miscellaneous HR practices

Employee Handbook & Updates

Employee handbook and ongoing updates with policies including attendance / time off, acceptable conduct, drug / alcohol use, other policies as required by law, and company-specific policies as appropriate

Harassment Prevention Training

Harassment Prevention Training (required annually by all NYS employees) with policy updates, experienced live trainer, participant materials, employee file training acknowledgment forms, and company master sign-in sheet

HR Forms & Templates

Employee forms and templates including job descriptions, job offer letters. new hire paperwork, performance counseling records, performance improvement plans, and other miscellaneous HR paperwork

Employee Classification Analysis

Employee classification analysis under FLSA overtime exemption guidelines (three-part test: salary-basis, minimum salary threshold, & job duties) and various agency independent contractor tests

Compliance Communications

Timely email updates regarding proposed/new labor & employment laws, compliance deadlines, HR best practices, and other miscellaneous HR topics

Job Postings

Complimentary pass-through job vacancy postings on over a dozen job sites for hourly, entry-level positions

Appreciation Discounts

Discounted hourly or project work on non-Retainer items such as full-service recruitment searches, workplace investigations, training seminars, etc.

Visions Human Resource Services, LLC does not provide accounting, tax, or legal advice. Clients should always consult a qualified attorney or licensed professional regarding specific legal or tax questions.

Old Globe

 Over 50 Years of Accumulated Expertise

Request a Price Quote

Our retainer program is the ultimate service offering, providing an abundance of resources at a very reasonable and predictable price point. It's the perfect solution for businesses looking for ongoing support and guidance. Request a quote today and experience the benefits of our retainer program for yourself.

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