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Human Resource Compliance Services

Risk mitigation simplified

Our HR compliance services help organizations avoid fines and penalties, lower litigation risk, and promote a healthy workplace culture. We provide the resources and guidance needed to ensure organizations are compliant with applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulations. Our HR experts have the experience and knowledge to help you navigate the complexities of compliance. 

And… with our Retainer Program or audit services, Visions will help you identify potential risks and provide solutions to ensure you remain compliant.

Retainer Program

Let’s face it, Human Resources can get complicated. 


Have you ever found yourself needing HR expertise, but don’t have someone in-house or know someone knowledgeable enough to help?  Wish you could just pick up the phone and call “HR 411” to get the answer you need? 

Our Retainer Program provides you with the expertise of senior-certified human resource professionals at the tip of your fingertips!  Call or email for unlimited answers to every kind of human resource question, have us build you a new and fully updated employee handbook, learn what to do with a compliance audit, save tons of time with sample templates and forms and much more with our affordable retainer services.  You cannot go wrong with this service-filled program.

Talk about cost effective... most clients spend less than 10% of an HR generalist's salary on our Retainer Program. 

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Employee Relations

Maintaining healthy employee relations and harmonious relationships between employees and employers in an organization is a pre-requisite for organizational success. Healthy employee relations lead to more efficient, motivated and productive employees which further lead to increase in economic growth for an organization.

Visions provides guidance and assistance in all aspects of Employee Relations through identifying and resolving workplace issues, measuring employee satisfaction and morale, and providing support and input to the company's performance management system.


​Let us help guide you through the tricky employee situations, minimize risk to your organization and improve retention and engagement.

Labor & Employment Law Guidance


Staying on top of seemingly ever-changing federal, state and local employment laws presents a challenge for almost all employers.  Businesses without a strong, dedicated HR team almost always overlook new regulations, interpretations, guidances and other need-to-know workplace requirements.  Even with an HR practitioner in-house, compliance with overlapping laws can be confusing, difficult, and downright painful.

That's where we come in.  Visions specializes in compliance.  We help guide companies through the regulatory requirements to help mitigate risk.  Whether it be a random question or a full on-site compliance audit, we are here to help.  No, we're not attorneys, and hence are unable to give legal advice, but rest assured that we are seasoned HR professionals with an enormous amount of knowledge and experience to share.  Most things that come our way don't need legal intervention but when they do, we'll advise you when we believe that there is a need to get an lawyer involved; we can even provide referrals to select award-winning attorneys with whom we've had the pleasure to work.  

HR Checkups & Compliance Audits

Did you know that almost all of the businesses we audit have multiple Form I-9 violations?  We've also seen businesses without mandatory postings or required sick time policies.  Do you know everything your company should be doing to stay on the right side of compliance?

Our HR Compliance Audit service helps businesses mitigate their risk and ensure regulatory compliance. We provide an onsite audit of your HR policies, procedures, and practices to identify any potential compliance issues. Let us help you protect your business with a HR checkup or compliance audit.

Law Books

 Over 50 Years of Accumulated Expertise

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Non-compliance with regulations can be a costly mistake for businesses. With ever-changing regulations, it can be difficult to stay on top of compliance requirements. Let us help relieve your burden by providing expert guidance and support. Contact us today to ensure your business has the information to master compliance and avoid costly penalties.

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