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Workplace Investigations

Unbiased fact-finding at its best

Our workplace investigations are conducted by experienced investigators with advanced training. We provide thorough and impartial investigations into allegations of misconduct, discrimination, and harassment in the workplace Our team is committed to delivering accurate and timely results to help you make informed decisions.

Investigation Fundamentals


We fully understand that discretion is necessary in a workplace investigation to prevent unnecessary harm or damage to individuals or the organization. 


Our professionals are not employment lawyers. 

We do not represent employers or employees. Impartiality is the cornerstone of every investigation we conduct.


While we pride ourselves in handling the most complex and demanding investigations, we are also able to work with clients to tailor a procedurally sound investigation process in keeping with the issues at hand.



No matter who the complainant and respondent are, or how severe the conflict may be, we remain unbiased in our approach while demonstrating respect and sensitivity.


Our investigators work closely with clients' lawyers and in certain scenarios, our work product is protected under the established attorney-client privilege.


Our professionals are trained and experienced investigators with a background in human resources matters, which allows them to combine substantive knowledge with investigatory requirements.



We deliver clear and detailed findings, complete with comprehensive analyses and explanations that support them.



We have conducted investigations into hundreds of allegations of harassment, sexual harassment, bullying, discrimination, conflict of interest, dishonesty, abuse of power, reprisal and more, across various sectors and industries.

 Over 50 Years of Accumulated Expertise

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In most cases, employers are obligated to investigate most workplace concerns in a timely manner.  By hiring an expert to conduct an external investigation, you send significant message about your organization. It shows that you value complaints and are committed to dedicating the required time and resources to achieve a just outcome.  When you learn that something may be going on; it's time to contact us about how we can help with your workplace investigation.

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